What Our Students and Others are Saying…

“Linda Farrington is a fantastic instructor. She has enabled me to take such a complex subject. Teaching is her strength and I feel fortunate to have taken this course with her.”
Lisa Killen, December 2017

“Linda is a wealth of knowledge. I can’t imagine that the course could be taught better than she can teach it. She makes everything very clear and gives excellent tools to make learning the content manageable.”
Aleah Karsh, December 2017

“I loved the class. I am an experienced coder and the amount of knowledge that I consumed in this class was outstanding. Linda had a lot of patience in questions and responded with facts. I wish I could retake her class.”
Jonny Noriega, December 2017

“After working in the field for a little over a year, I was contemplating taking the CPC exam to see how I would do. I am extremely glad to have found Linda’s class being offered because day 1 I knew I wouldn’t have been prepared to take the CPC exam. There was SO much I didn’t know. I feel well prepared to take the certification exam now that I have completed the class. Linda gave us so much information and help. I feel like I have come a long way in a short time and I have Linda to thank for that!”
Ethan Densley, December 2017

“You exhibit a philosophy of “we rise by lifting others up.” This shone throughout the course. Thank you again for the great coding life examples.”
Chastity Omondi, May 2017

“I feel so fortunate to have had Linda as my instructor. She really tries to go above and beyond.”
Shirley Flowers, May 2017

“Linda was by far the best instructor I have ever had – for any class I’ve ever taken. She made the material make sense and had so many amazing stories, which just made the class that much better.”
Jennifer McDonald, May 2017

“Linda is such a wonderful instructor. I learned so much and feel so much more confident in my career. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us!”
Sadie Budge, May 2017

“Linda’s class is excellent! She is very encouraging and prepares you and gives you confidence.”
Heidi Peters, May 2017

“This is one of the best investments I have ever made for myself! I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Linda is the best! Not only is she an awesome teacher, but she is also a beautiful person with a wonderful heart and spirit!”
Brandy Jones, May 2017

“Very professional, knowledgeable and has the love and passion to make sure her students understand the materials provided.”
Arleen Miller, May 2017

“I just loved the class. Very confident in Linda’s knowledge of coding in all areas. Clear instruction and real-world examples. Made it possible for a gal with no medical background to make a small beginning in coding. The instructor was phenomenal! Always interesting and engaging (though challenging). Loved the class interaction and great questions and Linda could answer them all!”
Holly Arnold, June 2016

“This class has really helped me get a better understanding of coding. I had some experience and exposure, but did not realize the complexity. It has been exhausting but exhilarating. Linda is superb! The tips given, instruction how to mark up our books to help make things clear/visible. Just the person to person help.”
Jennifer Matte, June 2016

“I couldn’t have passed the certification test without your class! This field was brand new and horribly intimidating; especially because I didn’t have a medical background. But you made the learning process fun and exciting. You took an overwhelming amount of material and broke it into understandable pieces, and then went a step further and applied that material to the real world. I loved how passionate you were about coding and, more importantly, how supportive you were of me as I learned the material. The days when I was frustrated and anxious—you were always encouraging and full of confidence in my abilities. You never wavered in your passion for coding or support. I’ll never be able to condense how grateful I am to have met you and taken your class into a handful of sentences. All I can say is thank you!”
Lindsay Weatherford, CPC-A, June 2015

“I took Linda’s coding class starting January 2015.   I have never met anyone who can explain so much in way that makes it so interesting.  The class materials are very easy to use and understand and the class discussions really help in understanding coding.  I learned more in Linda’s class than I ever dreamed that I would.  I have worked in medical billing for  a number of years and I have never come across anyone with more knowledge and patience than Linda has.  Every class prepares you to take the CPC exam, which thanks to Linda’s teaching,  I passed the first time!  I would HIGHLY recommend Linda’s class to anyone interested in medical coding.”
Linda Thompson, CPC, June 2015

“I have been in the medical billing/coding field for many years but wanted to see if I really knew what I was doing and needed to get certified so I decided to take Linda’s class. What I got out of the class was so much more! Linda has an infinite knowledge of the coding field and she has the ability to share that knowledge in such a way that even those new to the field were able to understand and pass their exam. Linda truly wants all of her students to succeed. I now feel more confident in my current position and also have a desire to expand my experience in the coding world. I could not have passed the CPC exam without Linda!
Lanae Self, CPC, January 2015

“Thank you for everything you did to prepare me for the CPC® exam. It is pretty amazing that someone who is completely new to the field was able to pass the exam on the first try. I believe the way you taught us to highlight important concepts and add notes throughout the books made the difference on the test. I also appreciated all the real-world examples you used to help me remember important concepts. I truly enjoyed your class and learned so much. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs to get certified.”
Sandy Pham, CPC-A, CPC-H-A, December 2014

“I wanted to thank you for the helpful books, info, and your time with the class. I wouldn’t of passed the test without it. Also for working with me the last few weeks with my anxiety. It showed how much you really cared for us as your students. I am very grateful to you.”
Marcy Jaramillo, CPC, June 2014

Thank you for your class & your support & for just being you! You’re an amazing woman & spectacular
Tanya Watts, June 2014

“Thank you again for making our class such a positive experience. I would, and have, recommended it to
Valerie Bourbonnais, CPC, May 2014

“…she is a WONDERFUL speaker with many years of coding experience. Kept our interest without boring us for 2.5 hours. I would attend any (even outside my specialty) conference, webinar, seminar, etc where she is the presenter. WOW!
Cyndi Allen, CPC, CIRCC, July, 2012

Medisense is a private occupational school that offers medical coding certification courses in Colorado Springs and online with a stated mission of “Making Sense of Medical Coding.”

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